Classified ads that are published in Turning Wheels (Studebaker Drivers Club’s monthly magazine) are also posted to the Studebaker Drivers Club website (http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com/classified.asp) during the same month as they appear in the magazine.*

Photos in classifieds are black and white in the magazine, but appear in COLOR on the website!

*Note: Because the ads appear on the internet, and EVERYONE in the world could access them, be wary of ‘replies’ from ‘unusual’, often international, sources, offering extra money for shipping or refunds, etc. as they could be scams. Always ask questions to determine if the responder is knowledgeable about the item he is offering to buy (or to sell to you). Don’t be afraid of investigating your ‘buyer’ before any money is exchanged, or anything is shipped.

To place a classified ad in Turning Wheels (and on the website), you may:

1. E-mail:
Write the text of your ad in an email to: classifiedstw@yahoo.com.

- If your ad is to include a photo, and you have that photo as a digital file, simply attach it to your email.
- if you are unsure of the COST for your ad, ask me in your email.


2. Use the Classified Ad Form: Follow the instructions on it. (the Classified Ad Form appears in each issue of Turning Wheels, or download the form HERE). THEN you may FAX it, or MAIL it to the address at right.

- If you have a digital photo, you MAY send a printout of that with your Classified Ad form and check, BUT PLEASE ALSO e-mail that digital photo image file to the above address. (Otherwise I scan your printout to convert it from the paper image, back into the digital file needed for the magazine, and quality of photo is lost between your printer and my scanner - it’s always better to use the original digital file.


3: FAX:
Use the Ad form, or type, or neatly print, the text of your ad onto a clean sheet of paper, be sure to include your name, address, phone and fax numbers, SDC Membership number, and fax it to: 250-503-2358

Advertising Deadlines for Turning Wheels®

To be printed in a SPECIFIC ISSUE, ads must be received on or before the deadline date shown below.

Turning Wheels Issue Deadline Date
January November 10th
February December 10th

January 10th

April February 10th
May March 10th
June April 10th
July May 10th
August June 10th
September July 10th
October August 10th
November September 10th
December October 10th


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