SDC Board of Director Activity

Click the links below to view actions and voting results made by the SDC Board of Directors.  For questions or comments, please contact your Zone Director.

PLEASE NOTE:  This page ONLY shows Board actions taken on-line (i.e., not in person).  This is in accordance with the SDC Board vote on February 22, 2012 which read in part: "...motions made and voted for on-line throughout the year, along with the voting records, be placed on the SDC web site...".

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Meeting Minutes:

9/13/2020 Special Board Meeting
7/12/2020 Quarterly Board Meeting
5/3/2020 Special Board Meeting
4/19/2020 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
1/12/2020 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
11/03/2019 Special Board Meeting
10/13/2019 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
9/11/2019 2019 Annual Board Meeting Minutes
7/14/2019 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
04/14/2019 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
1/13/2019 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
10/14/2018 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
9/24/2018 54th Annual Board Meeting Minutes
7/8/2018 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
4/15/2018 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
1/14/2018 Quarerly Board Meeting Minutes
10/8/2017 Quarerly Board Meeting Minutes
7/9/2017 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes
5/3/2017 53rd Annual Board Meeting Minutes
4/9/2017 Policy & Procedure changes; National Studebaker Foundation; Authenticity Guides; E-Judged at South Bend Meet
1/15/2017 Proposed amendments to SDC Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual, Procedures for starting a new chapter, Search for an assistant to Ann Turner, Marketing activities, SDC Kansas City Midway Chapter, International clubs registering for Intl Meet in South Bend.
10/2/2016 President's Reception at South Bend Intl Meet, fire extinguisher requirement as a judging requirement, Director nominations, SDC Life Member notifications, Ad Manager position, Intl Meet changes, 2018 Intl Meet, 5-day tour event in May 2018
4/10/2016 SDC Meet registration fee reduction report, SDC Forum provider move report, lifetime member verification, SNM Capital Cost fund request, SDC trademark attorney options, SNF audit request
1/10/2016 SDC Forum provider change, marketing report
10/4/2015 SDC brochure mailing, 2016 International Meet, SDC Meet Survey
4/12/2015 SDC Lifetime Member Request, SDC Survey, Policy and Procedure Manual, Hemmings Classic Car Advertisements
1/11/2015 SDC Commerative Coins, Policy and Procedure Manual, Studebaker National Museum Capital Cost Fund request
10/12/2014: Investment Policy, Extending Term of International Zone Coordiantor
3/3/2014: Various items: Go To Meeting; Election Coordinator; Member Retention Program; What's Happening Editor; Presidents Meeting at Int'l Meet
11/10/13: Contact Expired Memberships
8/4/2013:Executive Committee and Studebaker Tree
6/2/2013:Review and vote on proposed By-Laws
5/12/2013:Various items: Studebaker National Museum Point-Of-Sale System; SDC Decals
4/7/2013:Various items:  2016 International Meet in RI; GoToMeeting; Roberts Rules of Order for 2013 board meeting; Compensation for parliamentarian
8/26/2012:Allocate Funds for Attorneys Fees for Review of Questions Pertaining to and Review of By-Laws Revisions
8/26/2012:Polybag Magazine for all Second Class Delivery Worldwide
8/20/2012:Honorary Membership for Mayor of South Bend
5/14/2012:2012 International Meet (Colorado Springs, CO) Registration Services
5/13/2012:SNM Members Allowed to Attend SDC International Meets
2/28/2012:International Meet Registration Fees
2/22/2012:On-Line Voting Results

(NOTE:  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view the By-Laws.  Click here to download the Reader).


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