Studebaker Passings

The Studebaker Drivers Club is all about the people who own, drive, and/or love all things Studebaker.  Every Studebaker enthusiast is one of our own -- a comrade who shares our passion for this remarkable brand and its rich heritage.  Through Local SDC Chapter events, Zone Meets and International Meets, we have come to know and respect our fellow enthusiasts.  When one of our own passes on, we all pause to honor them for their contributions to our hobby.  That is the purpose of the Studebaker Passings forum.

You are invited to post a notice to let the SDC family know of the passing of a fellow SDC or Local Chapter member.  You are also encouraged to post replies to the death announcements with your remembrances and eulogy.

This forum, while moderated, depends on the honor and respect of its members toward each other. As such, the highest level of decorum is expected.

In order to post in the forum, you will need to complete a simple one-time registration.

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Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

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