Turning Wheels Advertising Policies

Note: To place a classified ad use the Classified Ad Form that is in every Turning Wheels issue or CLICK HERE.

Advertisers are responsible for checking their ad copy immediately following publication. SDC is not responsible for incorrect copy beyond providing one makegood.

GENERAL: SDC expects the highest quality customer service from all who do business with its members through advertising in Turning Wheels. Included in this policy are the following requirements:

ACCEPTANCE/CONDITIONS: All advertising is subject to approval. Publication of submitted advertising constitutes acceptance by SDC. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason such as suitability, unresolved complaints against the advertiser or without cause. In consideration of the publication of any advertisement, the advertiser/vendor and/or agency shall indemnify, defend and save Turning Wheels and SDC harmless from and against any loss or expense (including attorney's fees) arising out of that publication, including, without limitation, any loss or expense resulting from a claim or suit for libel, invasion of privacy or copyright infringement, or any other claim based on the content of subject matter of the advertisement. All advertisements must be for Studebaker vehicles or Studebaker-related items. Cancelled ads will not be refunded.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: All items advertised will be described to indicate the quality of the item and whether it is new, reproduced, reprinted or used. Advertising submitted must not, in any way, be misleading or deceptive.

INTEGRITY: All advertisers/vendors must truthfully represent their product and must have the item(s) advertised in stock and be able to deliver said item(s) to the purchaser when ordered. Products which must be custom-made are to be produced within a time frame mutually agreeable to both the advertiser or vendor and the customer. Advertisers/vendors will be expected to refund or make right to the customer what is perceived to be wrong by the Arbiter, Turning Wheels Advertising Complaints.

NON-U.S. BUYERS: U.S. vendors expect payment in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. Ensure your remittance is in an acceptable form. When goods are shipped, customers will likely be charged customs duties, taxes, currency exchange. Additionally, many non-bonded courier companies charge brokerage fees. Ask the vendor to use a bonded carrier such as FedEx to avoid such fees. Know what your final cost is in advance.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Response to a customer complaint of any kind is to be accomplished in a timely manner, not to exceed 30 days. Unresolved complaints should then be submitted to the Arbiter - Turning Wheels Advertising Complaints for resolution. We reserve the right to suspend the advertising privileges of any advertiser/vendor who does not follow the aforementioned Turning Wheels Advertising Policy.


Denny Foust
143 Studebaker Rd
Spring Mills, PA 16875

SDC Chapter Meet Notices

Display Meet Notices should be sent to the TW editor. (Information to be included in What's Happening should be sent to Larry Swanson, club editor.)

SDC Zones may submit a camera-ready Zone Meet Announcement:

(1) a 1/2-page notice (4.9" w. x 7.3" h.-this may be sent in a larger size and will be sized to fit the space) to be run for 2 months.


(2) a 1-page (10" w. x 7.3" h.- originals will be sized to fit the space) notice to be run for 1 month [the editor reserves the right to run 1-page notices as 2 (1/2-page) notices if the need arises]. Original copy only, no faxes. See deadline schedule on page 64. Call, fax, or e-mail TW Editor with layout questions.

SDC Chapters may submit (1/2-page) (4.9" w. x 7.3" h.) camera-ready meet announcement for major events -original copy only, no faxes. Call, fax or e-mail TW Editor with layout questions.

SDC Chapters may also use up to 200 free words when advertising "SDC & Chapter Projects". Contact editor with questions.

Display Advertising

Call, e-mail or fax for a Display Advertising Rate Sheet. Contact TW Editor with questions.

Classified Advertising Editor - Valerie Hansen
PO Box 218024
Nashville, TN  37221

Tel - (615) 844-4145
E-mail: classifiedstw@yahoo.com


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