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In addition to linking you up to Studebaker sites in the Resources and Tech Tips sections, here are other Studebaker-related web sites you will want to visit and bookmark.  NOTE: These links are provided "as is".  The SDC does not necessarily endorese these sites nor control their content.

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Web Sites

The Studebaker National Museum- The SDC and Local Chapters are proud to support this important museum in South Bend, Indiana.  Visit online, join the SNM, then make plans for a great trip to South Bend!

Studebaker National Foundation - The non-profit foundation supporting all aspects of Studebaker.

The Avanti Owners Association International (AOAI) - A great organization for owners of all years of the Avanti automobile.

Avanti History - A web site dedicated to the history of the Avanti and much more.

The Antique Studebaker Club - the new official club website for pre-WWII Studebaker enthusiasts!

The Studebaker Web Ring - With one click you have easy access to more than 100 Studebaker Web sites! Clicking on this link takes you to the complete list of Studebaker Web Ring Sites.

Studebaker Truckfarmers Web Site - Studebaker Truck Farmers were started quite a number of years ago, originally by Chuck Naugle of Arizona, for Studebaker fun, and were widely seen at car and truck meets in their Hee-Haw bib overalls.

Ray-Lin Classic Automobile Restoration - Studebaker technical articles

Studebaker History

The Studebaker Story (Studebaker National Museum)

History of Studebaker International Meets


About Studebakers and the Studebaker Drivers Club

Raymond Loewy Web Site

Studebaker High Performance/Racing - a full-featured site packed with great info, forum, chat, tech, and more. - another good site with great info on Studebaker racing history. - a site that chronicles the building and racing of a 1953 Studebaker Bonneville racer powered by a Champion 6-cylinder!

TurboStude - a turbocharged Champion 6? Yep! read all about how it was done.

Other Forums

Studebaker Truck Talk Forum

RacingStudebakers Forum

AOAI Forum (Avanti Owners)

Studebaker Conestoga Forum

1956 Golden Hawk 56J ONLY Message Forum

1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk Message Forum

1958 Golden Hawk Owners Message Forum

56 Skyhawk Message Forum

Toy Studebaker Collectors' Club Forum

South Bend Watch Company Research Forum

More Links of Interest to Studebaker Enthusiasts

Classic Cars 101

Automobiles of the Early 20th Century - A resource of helpful links for those wanting to learn more about the history of the automobile in the 20th century.  (Thank you to Evan, a student in New York, for sharing this link!)

Detroit and the American Auto Industry - A history of Detroit, Michigan and the American auto industry. - A very complete listing of Studebaker parts and service resources. Another comprehensive portal site with everything from vendor information, forums, classifieds, chat room, and more.

Studebaker Dealer Listing - SDC member Bob Johnstone has the best list of Studebaker dealers currently available as part of his fantastic resource website!

Studebaker, All-In - A collection of links to Studebaker vendors, clubs, registries and forums.

Hemmings Motor News

Old Cars Weekly



Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

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