SDC Regional Managers’ Resources

Welcome to your Membership Recruitment and Retention Resources page. THANK YOU in advance for using these materials and your valued efforts to retain and grow SDC members. Currently, we are retaining only 2/3 (66.6%) of our members after two years. We can do better, and with your help, we WILL do better! Our goal is to cut the retention losses by 50%. That translates into improving our retention rate to 75%-80% at the two year point. We believe that being contacted by someone (you) right in the same region where the new member or expired member lives is more personal and friendly versus a cold form letter from “headquarters”. You already know that one of the hallmarks of our club are the life-long connections we make with other members. The contacts you will make through this initiative is a natural extension of the person-to-person connections we already value at the chapter level and at regional and international meets.

Below are descriptions and links to the materials currently available to help you get started contacting new members and expired members. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE as we may be adding new materials from time to time.

FIRST THINGS FIRST! The November Turning Wheels has a 3-page article featuring our Regional Managers. If you are reading this before that issue arrives in your mailbox, click the link below to download and read it right now.  CLICK HERE FOR THE TW ARTICLE

Member Welcome and Retention Letters

Below are links to download sample letters you can customize and use to contact new members and recently expired members in your region. Choose the format that works best for you (Word, pdf, rtf).