Studebaker GroupWorks

Welcome to our new initiative, Studebaker GroupWorks.  This new tool increases communication and fellowship among SDC members, allowing news and updates throughout the SDC to be shared and delivered promptly.  The Studebaker GroupWorks communications tool provides the club with efficient and effective real-time access to the participating SDC membership, including national and international Studebaker Drivers Club and affiliated Chapter programs, current news, and event information.  A1 Studebaker Drivers Club is the title of the main group of members in GroupWorks, and invitations to join are sent from there first.


Meet Your GroupWorks Administrative Staff

  • Denny Foust – Denny is your Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC) President and a member of the SDC since 1967.
  • Cynthia Sale – Cynthia is from the Iowa Hawkeye Chapter and has been a SDC member since 2002
  • Larry Michael – Larry is the Regional Manager of the Pennsylvania Region and has been an SDC member since 1969

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