Studebaker GroupWorks Q&A

Why do we want GroupWorks and how will the SDC use it?

Until now, we have had no way to quickly get alerts to our members.  We rely on Turning Wheels, the SDC webpages and forums, chapter newsletters, and social media to disperse information.  Those resources are great but disconnected.  Those resources will continue as you see them now, but we are adding GroupWorks as another tool in the toolbox.  With GroupWorks, we can quickly alert the membership, regardless of location, of late-breaking news.  It is a centralized way to contact members by email and an app, something we have never had before.

A good example was our notice when an SDC member’s enclosed trailer containing his Studebaker was stolen in Omaha.  At that time, we had only about 50 people in GroupWorks, but we could alert all of them, no matter the location, of the theft and to watch for the car.  As of May 2023, we are happy to announce that over 1,000 SDC members have joined Studebaker GroupWorks, with more signing up daily!  Imagine the reach if we had all SDC members active in GroupWorks.

GroupWorks will also be a place to share activities and notices in any SDC Chapter or area.  Chapter members and SDC members who are not affiliated with a Chapter will be in GroupWorks, thus increasing our reach and attendance at events.

What does it cost?

GroupWorks is free to the SDC and its members.  GroupWorks is owned and supported by a company you may have heard of, Element3.  They are a health service that works with many health insurance companies to encourage their members to be active, and those insurance companies pay Element3. While the SDC can use the Element3 side of GroupWorks, we are not ready to do so.  We will utilize the free GroupWorks service and review Element3 in the future as there are some good reasons our members may want to participate in that side of GroupWorks. Element 3 is a separate entity from GroupWorks.  Our SDC members’ information will never, by law, be shared with Element 3; that is a choice each member makes and initiates the contact.

Do I have to join GroupWorks?

Participation in Group Works is optional, and you may decline at any time.  Your choice to join GroupWorks or to decline has no impact on your membership in the Studebaker Drivers Club.

What are members required to do?

Your participation is optional, but if you choose to join in, and we hope you do, you will click the link in the email, enter your first name, last name, and email address and continue through the initial login steps.  We have a short video explaining that process.

I did not get an invitation. How do I join?

Send an email to to request an invitation.  Include your name and email address, and you will receive an invitation from the GroupWorks program.  Please allow a few business days to receive your invitation, as your admins may be at Studebaker events.

Do I have to be an SDC member to be in Studebaker GroupWorks?

Yes.  Studebaker Drivers Club members only.  We are using the Cornerstone membership records to add people to GroupWorks.  This makes the system a Members Only service, unlike Facebook, social media, or forums, which are public to anyone with or without an SDC membership.  GroupWorks allows us to participate in working discussions for Publications, Cooperators Group, International Meets, Judging Results, Awards, and more without public interaction.  It also allows us to communicate within a Chapter, State, Region, or Zone and across them.  Chapter members and SDC members not affiliated with a Chapter are in GroupWorks, increasing our reach when promoting event attendance.  Until now, we have not been able to directly contact our membership.  Our published media or online resources will remain open to the general public as they are now.

Is my information safe?

Yes.  The Element3 and GroupWorks privacy statement can be seen here:

Will I be asked for my credit card?

There is no need to enter any financial or Credit Card information of any kind.  Please skip that question if asked.  A section in GroupWorks contains credit card information, but the Studebaker Drivers Club is not using that function.  Some other clubs use GroupWorks to collect dues; unfortunately, we cannot remove that tab.  The SDC does not need that service and will not be utilizing it.

Is GroupWorks only on a computer?

The system is portable.  Studebaker GroupWorks can be viewed and used on most mobile devices and computers like Apple iOS, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and others.  We have a video showing how to add GroupWorks to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer.  Putting our notices directly in the hands of our members, no matter the location will be a great tool to add to our toolbox.

Why does it say A1 Studebaker Drivers Club or other odd titles like Z6 Nevada Region or B1 BOD?

When you log in to Studebaker GroupWorks, you will see a list of groups on the upper left of your screen.  These are the Studebaker groups to which you have been added.  The letter number sequence helps keep that list in order.  Participating members will be placed in GroupWorks first in the A1 Studebaker Drivers Club group.  You may also be in a Zone or Region group, local chapter, SDC Committee, and management groups.

GroupWorks shows you a list of your groups on the upper left side of your screen when you log in.  That list is alphabetical, but the SDC groups are not.  We assigned a 2-digit code to each group so that they fell in SDC order and were easier to find.  While you see only three or four groups, there are over one hundred and ninety groups in the program, and using the 2-digit code to organize that list makes our jobs much easier.

What is the difference between a member and a leader in Studebaker GroupWorks?

Everyone who participates joins GroupWorks as a member.  Members can see and respond to posts and events in the various groups.

Leaders are recruited to work in the GroupWorks program.  A leader can add and remove members, send emails from the system to an individual or group of members; they can add events, and update the About section of their managed groups.

Why are some Chapters listed but have no members?

We are looking to the Chapters to decide if they want to participate as a Chapter and to give us the list of members.  If the chapter chooses to join as a group, that list will be matched against the SDC membership records to ensure we comply with the member’s privacy preference.  We will conform with their privacy request as set in the Cornerstone records.

A Chapter that decides to participate as a GroupWorks chapter will have a very easy way for their leadership to communicate with their members or for member-to-member communication.  This feature is one of the primary advantages and strengths of using Studebaker GroupWorks.

Can we post buy and sell articles and cars GroupWorks?

Yes.  It is not the primary purpose of the system.  Since it is a members-only environment, you communicate with other SDC members rather than the general public.  That should result in a safer environment for those types of negotiations.

I am an international member of the SDC; how can I join Studebaker GroupWorks?

Due to the various email laws in different countries, we cannot simply import a list.  Each individual should contact us through the link on the new GroupWorks page on the SDC website to request access.

On the blog posts, there is a box checked that says, “If your community newsletter would like to publish this post, do you give permission? Y/N”. Does that mean we cannot use the information found in GroupWorks in the Chapter Newsletters?

All blog posts in GroupWorks have that line marked NO by default, but you can change it.  That checkmark is at the bottom of the form and is easy to miss.  If you add a post in the blog section and do not change that selection, you are telling the readers they should not use your post in other publications, but it does not block them from doing so.  If you see something you want to share, contact the post’s author, and ask them if it is Ok to republish or repeat their post.

I lost my invitation and cannot access Studebaker GroupWorks. What should I do?

Use the links on this website to request access.  That link will send a message to the leads.  We will verify the SDC membership status and add you to the program.   Be sure to include your first and last name and your preferred email address.  It will take about five business days to return your login credentials, but often it is faster.

When I declined the GroupWorks invitation, I was notified that my account was canceled. Did this remove me from the Studebaker Drivers Club membership, too?

No, it did not.  If you choose to decline or ask to be removed from GroupWorks, your account and records with the SDC continue as before, with no impact from your decision not to use GroupWorks.  The GroupWorks program sends some automated messages that we cannot edit, so sometimes there is confusion.  The cancelation verification message from GroupWorks does NOT mean your membership to the SDC was ended; it just means your name and email were removed from the GroupWorks program.

Where can I read the privacy statement for GroupWorks?

The privacy statement for GroupWorks and its parent company Element3 can be seen here:

How can I add my Chapter to Studebaker GroupWorks?

You can request to add members to the Chapter groups through your Zone Coordinators and Regional Managers.  You can also use the email links here to send a list of members and their email addresses to the GroupWorks admins.  We will verify SDC membership and that we comply with the member’s privacy setting on their SDC record.  Please select one or two people to lead in the Chapter Group so they can use your group’s emailing option.  Please allow ten business days for the list to be added once the admins receive the list.