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WANTED: 1960 Studebaker 1-ton C-cab 5E13D or 5E14D 4×4 pick-up with a 131 inch wheelbase and 9 foot P-1 pick-up bed with single rear wheels. With or without engine or transmission. Frame has to be good. Healthy spotters reward for said truck if I purchase truck with picture of car serial number plate or vin tag with specifics. If it’s not a 5E13D or 5E14D 4×4 no reward! Parts wanted; wheel rims 17 ½ inch part #1687599 need 5 of. C-cab 9 foot pick-up bed P-1 part #1654006 with parts to hook-up. Gasoline tank for 4×4 part #1688933 with straps part #1688930 2 of. Need parts for my 1962 Studebaker 7E 45E 2-ton 10 wheel diesel with air brakes. Wanted: Gunite cast 6 lug front wheels part #1695318, 2 of or 3 if you have. Rear duals part #1695317 4 of or 5 if available with parts to mount. Gunite heavy duty skid control system for he above diesel with air brakes and parts to make work. Diesel fuel tanks, 30 gallon, part #1694847 need 2 of or 20 gallon, part #1694191 also would like 2 of with brackets and straps to hook up.