SDC Judging Policy Manual and Judging Forms

The policies and practices covering judging at Studebaker Drivers Club International and Zone Meets are detailed in the 27-page SDC Judging Policy Manual.

This current official SDC Judging Policy Manual is available in PDF format for download below at no cost. A printed copy will be made available for a nominal cost to cover the printing expense.



Division 1:  Prewar

  • All Models including Erskine, Packard, & Pierce Arrow, 1902-1946

Division 2:  Early Postwar Sedans and Wagons

  • All Sedans and Wagons, 1947-1958

Division 3:   Lark-Types

  • Larks types, all models including convertibles, 1959-1966

Division 4:   Coupes (C body) and Hardtops (K body)  

  • Starliner, Starlight, Speedster, all Hawks, except GT Hawks, 1953-1961

Division 5:  GT Hawks

  • GT Hawks, 1962-1964

Division 6:  Avanti

  • Avanti (Studebaker), 1963-1964
  • Avanti II (Nate Altman), 1966-1982
  • Avanti (Blake, Kelley, Cafaro, etc), 1983-1991

Division 7:  Trucks  

  • Trucks, all models, 1902-1964

Division 8:   Non-Stock, Studebaker Powered

  • All Vehicles and Trucks (Custom/Modified), All years

Division 9:   Non-Stock, Non-Studebaker Powered

  • All Vehicles and Trucks (Custom/Modified), All years

Division SI:  Special Interest Vehicles (One award per class)

  • Class A: Non-Motorized – Wagons, Buggies, Carts, Wheelbarrows  
  • Class B: Related Vehicles – Weasels, Racers, Excalibur  
  • Class C: Toys – Goat Wagons, Larkettes, Pedal Vehicles

Note: SDC reserves the right to add or delete from all Divisions as necessary.

1st PLACE 400 TO 375 pts.

2nd PLACE 374 to 340 pts.

3rd PLACE 339 TO 296 pts.

Best of division: The vehicle within each of the nine divisions with the

highest point total above 374 will be awarded Best of Division.


1. To have fun by driving and showing our Studebakers.

2. To honor and award owners for their labor of love and valued ownership.

3. To benchmark and promote proper restoration, authenticity, and preservation.

4. To continue our Studebaker legacy.