Placing a Classified Ad

Classified ads that are published in Turning Wheels are also posted to the Studebaker Drivers Club website (this web site) during the same month as they appear in the magazine.  If you are an active SDC Member, you may be eligible for a free classified ad.  Make sure to include your SDC Membership Number with your ad.

How to Place a Classified Ad

  • By Email – Write the text of your ad in an e-mail to the Classifieds Editor at  If your ad includes a photo, attach the photo to your e-mail.  If you are unsure of the cost of your ad, request a quote in your e-mail to the Classifieds Editor.
  • By Mail – Download the classified ad form.  Follow the instructions on the form.  If your ad includes a photo, mail the photo along with your classified ad form.  You may also send your photo in an e-mail to the Classifieds Editor at  Please note:  If you mail a photo with your ad, it will be scanned in and may suffer some degradation.


Classified Ad Deadlines

Turning Wheels Issue Deadline Date (on the 20th of the month)
January November
February December
March January
April February
May March
June April
July May
August June
September July
October August
November September
December October